Commisson Work



Excited to reveal this artwork which is called interconnection!

« A food web consists of all the food chains in a single ecosystem. Each living thing in an ecosystem is part of multiple food chains. Each food chain is one possible path that energy and nutrients may take as they move through the ecosystem. » from Natgeo

I was asked to create an artwork that considers the idea of a food web and this idea popped into my head.
- shark - sea turtle - jellyfish - little fish/crustacean - plankton
I loved working on a new idea that considered the environment/wild spaces of each sea creature.

“omg it is amazing!!!! I was too excited to keep it a secret and gave it to him. He loves it!“

🙏💙 best feedback ever! Commission work can be stressful but when it works out like this so amazing! 



Inspiring action for a better bluer future!

It’s been such a pleasure working on this design for the 6th annual world whale film festival.

I took you on the journey for all the drawings over the past weeks and honestly so proud working on this project! 

'These turned out so amazing! Thank you for all your hard work during this collaboration 🙌🐋 we’re so excited to launch the t-shirts for the 6th Annual World Whale Film Festival ' - The Pacific Whale Foundation 

A nonprofit dedicated to protecting the ocean through science and advocacy, supported by members and award-winning PacWhale Eco-Adventures cruises.



Carte de vœux de Marie Lebec

Very proud that I was asked to design the New Years card for Marie Lebec, députée des Yvelines. 

I wanted to connect a modern version of Marianne with elements of strength to represent the interconnection between nature, la France and to highlight the meaning of each element.

Oak tree / French flag / Marianne

Very thankful for this opportunity and very thankful to also Jérémy Herrouin and Natalie Moulin @natk.moulin for the smooth and agreeable collaboration 


Très fière que l'on m'ait demandé de crée la carte de vœux de Marie Lebec, députée des Yvelines.

Je voulais connecter une version moderne de Marianne avec des éléments de force pour représenter l'interconnexion entre la nature, la France et mettre en évidence la signification de chaque élément.

Chêne / drapeau français / Marianne

Très fière pour cette opportunité et très reconnaissante aussi à Jérémy Herrouin et natalie pour la collaboration fluide et agréable.