Antoinette Vermilye 

Antoinette's book review of Diamonds, Hearts & Sea Stars!:
I love the wonder of nature in children. Their curiosity can often be piqued by certain cues. They love to find patterns; and I love their faces of awe and joy as they make the connections.
This delightfully illustrated children’s book goes even deeper... into the ocean. It is a gorgeous educational introduction to marine life that not only connects the “dots”, but the patterns and shapes - such as bells, hexagons, rectangles and so forth - to the different fascinating creatures that inhabit our blue world.
The poetic guessing game makes it that much more fun! When I get into the water again, I know I will see these shapes in the marine life I encounter.
Nina cleverly leads us all on the journey of learning about these vital creatures; the challenges facing them, and inviting us to protect them. Thank you for linking art and the ocean so beautifully Nina!“
~ Antoinette Vermilye, co-founder Gallifrey Foundation

Antoinette Vermilye, co-founder Gallifrey Foundation, is a passionate activist and advocate for the ocean. That work has taken her upstream to the sources of plastic and chemical pollution, social injustice and human health impacts as well as downstream to waste solutions that may or may not be ideal. Her vision is that we keep refining our solutions to ensure they cause no harm to any living creature and leave a just and healthy legacy for all that follow. And if she doesn’t see a solution, she gets on with creating one. The ocean is under a combination of combined threats. We must reverse course. Walk as if the ground is in pain – consider the impact of every action we take with compassion and consideration.

Find more of Antoinette Vermilye work:
Online modules to help schools to go plastic- free: and
To advocate for more women in the forefront of climate negotiations and on business boards: WTF enables citizens to demand governments to do more to protect their marine resources from overfishing and overcapacity while taking civil legal action against governments to push them to do more. a group collaboration to highlight airlines carrying shark fins as cargo, tweet to thank or shame them.


Anne Mäusbacher

Anne's book review of 1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea?:
“The ocean is a unique eco system, a space full of undiscovered beautiful sea creatures and wonders. Marine life cannot do the work for us and clean up the plastic trash in the ocean, as is wonderfully and smartly illustrated in this precious book. The book is a great motivation for everyone and a must read. Let us all avoid plastic waste in the first place and work towards a conscious, more sustainable behavior for our planet's oceans. Protect what we love - the oceans.“

Anne's book review of Diamonds, Hearts & Sea Stars!:
“A wonderfully illustrated book, written in rhyme, draws theattention back to nature and our largest environmental crisis - thepollution of our blue planet, the ocean.Young and old experience wonderful sea creatures, their unique shapes and how they can bespotted in nature - if you know them, you need to protect them..“
~ Anne Mäusbacher, Founder of Beach Cleaner and Author of Kids for the Ocean

I’d like to introduce you to Anne Mäusbacher, author of “kids for the ocean” and founder of She’s educating kids about marine litter & the fragility of the ocean! “Through this education initiative ‘Kids for the Ocean’, individuals will understand the connection between their lifestyle choices and the collective community impacts of plastic and trash in our oceans. Moreover, this programm aims to reduce litter in general and promote long-term behaviour change among youth.” I think she’s fantastic and I was really touched when she agreed to write a quote about my book. We have the same passion: To fight ocean pollution!

Have a look at her website and you can buy her book here


Pat Smith 'Action Nan' 

Pat's book review of 1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea?:
“What a gem this little book is. Beautifully illustrated and with simple rhymes, it teaches counting with an underlying message about the harm Plastic is causing to our Oceans. I'm sure this is one to read out loud and talk about with your little ones and to treasure for years to come...“

Pat's book review of Diamonds, Hearts & Sea Stars!:
“Modern life is distancing children from the natural world. We cannot expect them to love and care for creatures they don't know about. This charming and beautifully illustrated little book gently introduces youngsters via poetry and shapes to the diversity of life beneath the waves. I was fascinated and can't wait to read it with my grandchildren...“
~ Pat Smith "Action Nan" Founder of The Final Straw Cornwall

I came across a bbc three video on brut.nature about a 70 year old ‘nan’ who was fighting plastic pollution on her local beaches. Her name is Pat Smith aka 'Action Nan'. The video made me cry and gave me goosebumps. The things she said where similar emotions I had experienced when I saw images of ocean pollution. She said “I’ve got to do something about this!” - I felt an instant connection. Pat completed 52 beach cleans in just one year. She’s amazing and I love how much she cares about the environment. She encouraged 600 local businesses to stop using plastic straws’s and single use cups. Can you imagine that? I love her determination to make a difference!

"I founded the Final Straw to try and raise awareness of the catastrophic damage we are doing to our oceans from our casual consumption of single use plastics. I feel I have a responsibility to my children and grandchildren to do something about it.” ~ Pat Smith, founder of The Final Straw Cornwall 

Have a look at her video:


Dave Muir

Dave's book review of 1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea?:
“I've been doing school talks for years and beach cleans for nearly 10 years. After seeing “1, 2, 3, Who's cleaning the sea” I knew I needed it to help with young school children. The message is clear and strong and the children loved it. “Protect what we love” Thank you Janina I will take it with me on every school talk.“ ~Dave Muir Sennen surfing Centre and Surfers Against Sewage A Plastic wave

If you haven't watched "A plastic wave" with Dave Muir and his fear about our future concerning plastic pollution go and do it! "Are we doing too little too late?" Heartbreaking! Emotional!
Dave Muir at Sennen Surf Company has been leading beach cleans and working with Surfers Against Sewage for years to raise awareness of the plastic problem blighting Cornwall's beaches.
I think a "plastic wave" makes it just so clear and anyone who's still touching single-use
plastic will hopefully stay away from it after watching it.

He said in his film: "Working together is the answer." Which gave me the motivation to contact him. I didn't know if he would answer. I didn't know if he would like my work... but I tried. And he did answer: "The girls have loved the books and I had the teachers in tears!... I wish I could have written something so honest and pure." I don't know how to describe that feeling. indescribable.
I am so thankful! Thank you, Dave, for all your wonderful words.
Thank you for everything you do for our planet.

Watch "A plastic wave" here.


Alexis McGivern

Alexis's book review of Diamonds, Hearts & Sea Stars!:
"An engaging, beautifully illustrated and creative way of teaching children about the wonders of the ocean! Filled with amazing teachings about our ocean, young people will be so engaged and yearning to learn more."
~ Alexis McGivern, No Plastic Please blogger 

More about Alexis McGivern and No Plastic Please:
-I write a lifestyle blog about my decision to live without using plastic products, chronicling my experiences and giving suggestions to others on how they can do the same.
-I am part of a duo on YouTube who make videos on lifestyle changes to live a "low waste lifestyle", with over 1.6 million views and 30,000 subscribers.
-I give presentations at schools and offices to encourage people to take up plastic-free "low waste" living, including most recently at Deliveroo headquarters, Pictet Asset Management London Offices and the Natural History Museum in London.

Have a look at her website here.


Lilly Platt

Lilly's book review of 1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea?:
“I am Lilly and I am 11 years old. I am youth ambassador for the Plastic Pollution Coalition and am the longest climate striker in Holland - almost 1 year. My wish is that climate change and plastic pollution be taught in school from the very youngest so we can build a generation of informed children who will love and act to help the environment. I love Janina’s book. It is beautifully illustrated and has informative and will be great in the classroom and for story time at home. It is in my list of favourite environment books for children.” 
~ Lilly Platt, International environmental champion, Ambassador for the Plastic Pollution Coalition, influencer 

You must meet LillyPlatt. Lilly‘s a global environmental activist and fights #plasticpollution!
Who originally started picking up plastic waste to learn counting in Dutch with her grandfather!
What a great idea! Shouldn’t we all learn counting like that?
What’s even better is to learn to refuse single use plastic items and how to take care of our #environment. Lilly is doing all of that! She’s a true inspiration and an amazing young woman!

I absolutely love Lilly for her determination to make a change and influence people at that young age! We can all learn so much from these great young protestors and especially Lilly! I’m very proud of her and I’m sure we will hear much more of her and her work in the #Future!

Have a look at her TEDx video here.


Terence Bulley 

Terence's book review of  1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea?:
“Janina Rossiter's book '123 Who's cleaning the sea' is not only a beautiful work of art but a most important message at this crucial time in our ocean's history. Shamefully, it is the younger generations who are inheriting the results of catastrophic mistakes made in our treatment so far, of our planet. While this book is a wake-up call for the state of the ocean, our life's blood, it is also a wonderful counting book for the young with an encouraging and positive message - to respect the sea, be aware and take action. I wish every child could read this book.“ ~Terence Bulley, founder of BlueOcean.Watch - Your eyes on the ocean

When a filmmaker (director of photography and director in movies) with around 50 years of experience e-mails you and tells you he loves your work. What would you do? I'll tell you what I did.
I had tears running down my face. It was incredible and it did feel so good after all the hard work I had put into it. I want to make a difference with my book. Educate kids, raise awareness, help to give our youngest generation a future on this planet and this is my chance to really make it happen.
I am truly thankful for that.

Terence Bulley is the founder of Blue Ocean Watch with a team of scientists, professors, filmmakers, education experts, digital communication specialists and strategists. Blue Oceans Watch: a strong team with a very positive and inspirational message. Their goal is to produce educational material to raise awareness of ocean pollution for Universities, high schools and primary schools. To make a change through education.

Terence Bulley, Founder and Chairman of Blue Ocean Watch

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Rebecca Daniel

Rebecca's book review of Diamonds, Hearts & Sea Stars!:
"A fresh take on ocean conservation and learning. Follow along as you are taken on a journey through the sea with rhymes and riddles. Scientifically accurate yet easy to follow - everyone must read this to their kids!" ~ Rebecca Daniel, Marine Biologist and Director of The Marine Diaries

I'm a big fan of the Marine Dairies. A non-profit organisation that communicates ocean science to everyone. It's educative, informative and open to all ages.

"The ocean is in trouble. Have you heard?
Maybe you saw Blue Planet. Caught a glimpse of the news. Scrolled past a climate change post on Facebook. Heard something about ditching plastic straws. Perhaps you’re even aware that the ocean is f*cked. But the truth is that somehow, the important stuff just slips through. You know, the real, life-changing, planet-saving stuff. Our ocean is under threat. And do you know what makes it worse? Most people don’t know. Or they don’t care. It isn’t just that ocean science isn’t communicated – it doesn’t reach or engage enough people.
We’re here to change all that." - The Marine Diaries

More information on The Marine Diaries here.


Ellen Cuylaerts

Ellen's book review of 1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea?:
“Janina Rossiter’s ‘1,2,3 Who’s cleaning the sea’ is a gem of a book to read to young children. Despite the subject being litter in the sea, the use of rhyme, counting to ten, marine life and different kinds of waste, make you want to read it over and over again and the message that a clean ocean starts with our own actions is a very empowering message! Who does not want to be a hero. This beautiful book can be read in a few minutes as a mantra daily to remind us we need to help marine life, and can be the start of constructive discussions about what we are doing to the oceans and how every choice we make affects our planet. The illustrations are simply art. The book makes a perfect gift!”

I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite #wildlife & #underwater photographers:
Ellen Cuylaerts! Her work is amazing and unique. Each photo holds so many emotions in it!

Epiphany (2016): Award-Winning Underwater & Wildlife Documentary
Especially loved the part overcoming the fear diving with sharks. Tears rolling down my cheeks. Such a special moment. Watch the documentary here.

When I received Ellen’s wonderful quote I felt truly happy. Someone so kind and so gifted loved my work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Have a look at her website.


Atul Kumar

Atul's book review of Diamonds, Hearts & Sea Stars!:
"Diamonds, Hearts and Sea Stars is an amazing, rhyming children's book by Janina Rossiter. Her artwork is brilliant, and the rhyming is very clever - not just for the fun of it, but also for including in those words a memorable conservation message, specifically tailored to each ocean species. I love the Yellow Boxfish, and was delighted to see it included! Janina is a great example of 'artivism' - activism to protect the oceans through art."
~ Atul Kumar, Environment Presenter, Author and Host of the Alien Places podcast.

I just recently read “Alien Places” by Atul Kumar and I couldn’t recommended it more! It’s a very unique way of approaching environmental issues and raising awareness! In the book hypothetically an alien comes to visit Planet Ocean but gives ideas to change things in the real world for better!

It’s simply brilliant and empowers everyone to take an important role to combat climate change. Very inspiring and the podcast is a continuous journey to discover other people’s ideas of where they would take an alien to get a different perspective on the issues.

This is a very original way of tackling climate change in a very gentle but powerful way. Humorous and clever. I’m sure this is just the beginning of Atul Kumar’s brilliant work as a change maker. Check out his book, podcast and Instagram.

Have a look at his website and you can buy his book here.


Alexander More

Alexander's book review of 1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea?:
“The only way to protect our oceans in perpetuity is to change the culture of this and future generations by making conservation a natural part of everyone’s life. Janina Rossiter has written and illustrated a delightful book that does just that, educating children in an essential life skill while also conveying a vital message about the beauty and fragility of the oceans. With escalating threats such as manmade climate change and massive ocean plastic pollution, this is a book that should be in every kindergarten and elementary school.“
~ Alexander More, PhD, Assistant Research Professor, Climate Change Institute/Harvard University, Managing Director, World Ocean Forum. 

Alexander is Associate Professor at LIU, the Climate Change and Research Associate at Harvard University where he leads a project on the impact of climate change on ecosystem health and the economy in the last millennium. Alexander has worked in 25 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. A master diver, he has conducted many underwater environmental and historical surveys in every continent. He routinely consults with Fortune-100 companies on climate and economic growth and leads communications for his initiatives at Harvard, LIU and for Blue Ocean Watch. 

I feel very honored being connected to Dr. Alexander More and feeling very proud having received such a powerful quote about my book. Thank you!

More information about Dr.Alexander More here.


Aaron Waddell & Rayer Fay Waddell

Rayer's book review of 1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea?:
A very well illustrated educational book which will be read by the adults and sung out in the classrooms and playgrounds globally. This is our problem and the only solution is to act and act fast! Please read understand and communicate the message which Janina is pushing out in this book for all. ~ Aaron Waddell & Rayer Fay Waddell Beachcleaner and every day hero by keeping Britain tidy

Aaron Waddell & Rayer Fay Waddell Beachcleaner and every day hero by keeping Britain tidy.
Find them on social media here.


Christian Sardet

Christian's book review of 1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea?:
“Janina Rossiter's book '123 Who's cleaning the sea' is a gem. Delightful artwork and simple words convey the dramatic situation of our common treasure - our oceans - invaded by plastic pollution with disastrous consequences for marine life from mammals to fish, birds and plankton. This book is perfect for people, young and old, to understand that it is time to act.”
~ Christian Sardet, Author of "Plankton - wonders of the drifting world" and "Plankton chronicles" series of film

Feeling deeply honored and so thankful having received such a wonderful review by such an incredible biologist.

Christian Sardet, CNRS Research director and author of “Plancton: aux origines du vivant”. (English: plankton wonders of a drifting world) Co-founder and coordinator "Tara Oceans expedition". Fondation Tara Ocean European award for the Life Sciences 2007 European Molecular Biology Organization - Grand Prix des Sciences de la mer 2013.

Christian Sardet is the author of "Plankton - wonders of the drifting world" and "Plankton chronicles" a series of film. More information here.


Tim Black

Tim's book review of Diamonds, Hearts & Sea Stars!:
"The book radiates Janina Rossiter’s unique artistic style as well as her subtle advice on addressing important environmental issues. The informative facts provide the knowledge that people seek when reading and it is also, most importantly, a fun book."
~ Tim Black, Creative Educator & supporter of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Tim has over 12 years of experience of teaching in England and France, the last 7 years of which were spent at the British School of Paris, where he was head of design and technology and a lead teacher. During his time at the British School of Paris, Tim created and ran the Eco-Club, and undertook various training courses from the United Nations, such as "Introduction to Green Economy" and "Children and Climate change".
In September 2020 Tim decided to follow his passion for education and to commit himself fully to raising awareness of environmental issues and supporting programmes that aim to create a sustainable future.
More great news to come!

I had the honor of being invited by Tim Black to speak at the British School of Paris as well as working with him on art projects that raises environmental awareness at the Eco-Club.
I feel very thankful for having received such a fantastic review!

Have a look at his instagram account and his important work on twitter.


Callie Veelenturf

Callie's book review of Diamonds, Hearts & Sea Stars!:
"An exquisitely illustrated opportunity to think creatively and learn fun facts about incredible ocean creatures, threats facing their survival, and how to take action to protect them! A budding marine biologist must-have!"
~ Callie Veelenturf, National Geographic Explorer, Founder and Executive Director at The Leatherback Project 

I love marine biology and I would have loved to study it. I admire the work of other marine conservation biologist such as Callie Veelenturf. She’s the founder of the Leatherback Project.
Important work to protect the Leatherback Sea Turtle from extinction. Research Education Conservation & Advocacy

"Extinction is forever!
The sixth mass extinction is upon us, with up to 200 species going extinct per day. Out of the 7 subpopulations of the leatherback sea turtle, 4 are critically endangered, 1 is endangered and 2 are data deficient. The Leatherback Project exists to combat the environmental crisis with a specific focus on leatherback conservation and ocean health
Will you join us in protecting this ancient reptile?" -  Leatherback Project

Have a look at her website and her important work. 


Natalie Fée

Natalie's book review of Diamonds, Hearts & Sea Stars!:
"A totally charming and unique journey underwater that will inspire learning, curiosity and care in young readers. With text flowing across the pages like ocean currents and beautifully accurate illustrations of the creatures you’ll encounter, your family will love diving into this book time and time again!" ~ Natalie Fée, Author of How to Save the World for Free, Award-Winning Environmental Campaigner and Founder of City to Sea

Natalie Fee is an award-winning environmentalist, author, speaker and founder of City to Sea, a UK-based organisation running campaigns to stop plastic pollution at source. One of their campaigns is ReFill: Europe’s leading free tapwater initiative. Ditching single use plastic water bottles and switching to refill. According to data from non-profit beach clean organizations such as #2minutebeachclean and the marine conservatory society, plastic bottles and bottle tops are consistently in the top ten items sound on beaches in the UK,..., Source: How to Save the World for Free, by Natalie Fee. Number 1 Amazon best-selling book.

I admire her for her amazing work. A true inspiration! I’m very excited to see more of her campaigns to fight plastic pollution! So thankful for everything she does! I'm very honored and thankful Natalie endorsed my book.

More information about Natalie Fée here.