The Shark Trust


The Shark Trust is a UK-based charity working globally to safeguard the future of sharks and rays. Thy imagine a future where sharks, rays, skates and chimaeras thrive in a globally healthy ecosystem.

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"I was very happy to be selected as protecting sharks is a big part of my #artivism work. In 2020 I supported the Stop Finning UK petition with my artwork, and since 2020, I have illustrated a lot of artwork to stop the shark fin trade in Europe. In January 2022, this European citizen initiative achieved over 1 million signatures. I was proud to be part of the team.

As a competitive swimmer I love water, but I have never had access to the underwater world as most divers have. Being inspired by other artists and photographers is my fuel. A supportive community that fights for the same goals is what keeps me going.

Being part of oceanic 31, which brings together 31 shark-loving artists is, therefore, such an honour for me."

About the piece - One of my favourite species and having been very active against the shark finning trade in Europe, this species has a special place in my heart. It’s especially targeted because of its beautiful long tail fin, which can be the length of its body! I always love to mix two mediums - the liquid alcohol ink underwater world with the stippling technique. I wanted to try something new and work with different layers of transparency/playing with the tail movement. The quick movements and the length of the tail are so special for this species that I wanted to highlight that in my artwork. The thresher shark's secret weapon is the tail! It’s what makes the shark so precious and special! I hope you can feel this in my artwork and hope it will help people to protect this incredible creature! To make the pledge and to appreciate the beauty of sharks!

The pieces of oceanic 31 will go on tour around the UK in 2023/24, with limited edition prints of some pieces available to purchase next year. Finally, after touring the UK, the pieces will be auctioned and raffled off to raise vital funds to help our conservation work as part of the #BigSharkPledge.

And finally, a book featuring the pieces and artwork is planned for release in 2025.’

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