September 2021
Sketch for Survival 2021 – SHORT-LISTED

I am beyond excited to now be short-listed for the Sketch for survival competition and under the last three. Eternally thankful.

Mangroves - Janina Rossiter
"Blue Carbon is a term for carbon captured in coastal/marine ecosystems. According to UNESCO current estimates indicate that we lost half of all mangroves in the past 40 years. Protecting mangroves is extremely important because they are a key weapon in the fight against climate change. Mangroves reduce flooding and erosion from storms, are nurseries for fish, filtering pollutants, and storing more carbon dioxide than rainforests do. But when mangroves get destroyed or damaged they release the carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere."
The judges said: "So much detail. Very topical. love that the colour is only in the water, and it’s beautifully done with lots of light and depth. "

Sketch for Survival 2021

Artwork exhibited at gallery@oxo alongside our Invitational Collection and then sold via our online auction 28 November.


September 2023
P.E.A. People. Environment. Achievement

 I have been shortlisted for the P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement) Awards in association with Ocean Diva London 22/23 Awards on November 15th 2023 in London in the award - arts category!

Came out of the blue and so so excited! 💙

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