Diamonds, Hearts and Sea Stars: A picture book about shapes found in the ocean and to raise environmental awareness in children 

While forms are precise in a geometry book,
In Nature, we must take a second good look.

So step outside and open your eyes -
The shapes you see could be quite a surprise.

So let’s look together, just you and me.
I wonder which shapes we’ll be able to see.

Come on a magical journey and discover the shapes and creatures of the ocean in rhymes and riddles.
You will learn about sea creatures in a fun and entertaining way, and also become aware of the man-made threats they face and how we can help to protect them. Beautifully illustrated, informative and thought provoking, this wonderful book is also great in a classroom for raising environmental awareness among children. Fun riddles will keep children's attention and motivate them to interact and learn. It teaches and motivates young and old to take action to discover and protect marine life.

Diamonds, Hearts and Sea Stars is the third book in award-winning and Amazon best-selling author, Janina Rossiter’s 'concept picture book' series. Janina Rossiter has again combined two subjects with enchanting handrawn ink illustrations on a background of acrylic art (her own paintings). This is a beautiful book that children and adults will enjoy reading.

The original hand-drawn illustrations in black ink marker on a background of acrylic art are exquisite and will entice young readers to turn the pages as they discover the fascinating world of the underwater world.