Sketch for Survival 2021 – 100 Finalists

Hardly have any words that I am under the 100 finalist for the Sketch for Survival competition 2021.
Extremely thankful.

The 100 finalists will have their work exhibited alongside our Invitational Collection at the gallery@oxo in London between the 17th – 28th November. Their artwork will be sold via our online auction concluding Sunday 28 November with all proceeds supporting the 21 For 21 Project Fund.
The finalists are eligible for our awards which include The Artist of the Year awards (Wildlife and Wild Spaces); The Artist Award, chosen by the editorial staff of The Artist Magazine, and the Leisure Painter’s People’s Choice award, voted for online by the public. Results will be announced at the Royal Geographical Society in London on Thursday 18 November. Short-listed artists will be invited.
Finalists also receive one year’s complimentary membership to our Explorer Club. This will be forwarded by the end of September.

So thankful also to my friend Rebecca Daniel, without her this illustration wouldn’t exist, as it was created for the The Marine Diaries #marineecosystemdiaries.

Mangrove illustration originally created for The Marine Diaries' Marine Ecosystem Diaries project is up for auction! 100% goes to explorers against extinction:

People’s choice is now open:


Sketch for Survival 2023 – 100 Finalists

My drawing of ‘the last Vaquita’ made it into the top 100 finalist
Selection of the #sketchforsurvival wildlife competition by @explorersagainstextinction !

So so so excited about it. This year there is no invitational collection and only the finalists will be exhibited at The Dundas Street Gallery in Edinburgh and gallery @oxo on London's South Bank. So excited to be part of it with so many other talented artists. Congratulations to all! Can’t wait to see you in London soon!

Yesterday has been a day with so many amazing surprises and it came exactly at the right time. so thankful!

Next to the jury voted awards there’s also a People's Choice Award - this is voted for by the public - all 115 artworks are included. Please vote for your favourite / scroll down to the bottom of the page type in your name & email address and click on the artwork you want to vote for ->

And SFS Wildlife 100 Artist of the Year & SFS Wild Spaces Artist of the Year - the selection panel will announce their shortlist for these awards in October at a special preview exhibition in Norwich.

Fingers crossed 🤞

#sketch #explorersagainstextinction #vaquitadrawing #thelastvaquita

People’s choice is now open:


Sketch for Survival 2021 – Highly Commended

My second artivism piece I entered for the #sketchforsurvival exhibition made into the “highly commended selection.

You can now buy it here:
Only one available.

Profit is going to Explorers against Extinction!
"Every egg counts. Everyone’s choice makes a difference" - say no to sea turtle egg consumption!

It will raise money for Explorers against Extinction! The artworks will be available to purchase in aid of our projects. Artists receive complimentary one year membership to our Explorer Club and a digital Artist Supporter logo to display as they wish.

All Highly Commended pieces that haven't been previously sold will be available for sale at our Gallery Store at the Exhibition. Wednesday 17th November - Sunday 28th November - Exhibition at gallery@OXO, Oxo Tower Wharf, Barge House St, London SE1 9PH. 



DhunAnand Foundation

BhunAnand Foundation Blue Heart Award for contribuation of artwork towards ocean conservation.