Wave Library


It started with a dream...

The Wave Library is Forbi Perise's dream to give kids access to resources through a public library in his hometown Buea, Cameroon.

Books and other printed materials have impacted people and communities over the years, and it is no doubt that books with an environmental background can help shape the minds and behaviour of young people for the benefit of our planet. When young people learn about the environment in a fun and educational way, they turn to make decisions that are sustainable. While young people are the future of our planet, it remains imperative for us to provide them the resources required in order to make informed decisions.

Since 2021, the Wave Library has collected more than 700 books.
The next step is to find a permanent place for the library in Buea.

The community library will serve as a hub for collecting and distributing resources for youth in the area to gain a deeper understanding of the environmental issues around them. It will be a physical location where books, magazines, and other written materials will be housed, and it will also serve as a meeting space for the young people to interact and share their ideas for a better future.


How did Forbi & connect ...

"Young people can create incredible change in the world when they put their minds and their efforts to it. Often what they need to be successful is innovation - something different that they have not seen before - to intrigue them and wake them up to new possibilities." - Forbi Perise

Forbi Perise was one of the very inspiring young speakers at the 2020 United Nations World Oceans Day. He fights against plastic pollution in Cameroon and encourages us all to protect the environment.

I met Forbi through our common passion to fight plastic pollution and I feel very passionate about his dream. Being an author myself, I share his goal to use education to empower young students and to build up knowledge that can then help us all to protect our planet.

I have been very fortunate that people have generously donated many second-hand books for his library, most of the books have arrived in Cameroon and I continuously planning to send them. To help Forbi to make his dream come true. It wasn't an easy journey and getting the fundings for the shipping costs hard work. I am entirely thankful to everyone who has supported this.

We still have books to ship. Would you be part of this project and support us? I'm sure the children will be forever thankful.

Your help to support to finance the shipping coasts from France to Cameroon through the GoFundMe campaign is crucial. We really appreciate your support. Any amount will make a difference, no matter how small. We really appreciate the support. 

You can donate here.

Crowdfunder Updates....

Paris - Buea

Crowdfunder update in June 2021:

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us so far!
the first books (35kg) have arrived in Cameroon. I just collected another 90kg of books that I’m planning to send over. Please share our story so we can get some more support! Hugely appreciated! Nina

over the past months...

75 books arrived on 04.03.2022
49 books arrived on 11.03.2022
78 books arrived on 18.03.2022
90 books arrived on 25.03.2022
74 books arrived on 01.04.2022
78 books arrived on 08.04.2022
83 books arrived on 15.04.2022

Crowdfunder update in April 2022:

Huge thank you to all of your support!
A total of 756 books have left Paris in the past 16 months and have safely arrived to Forbi in Buea. Kindly donated, many of them in very good condition.  Without 'you' shipping them over would have not been possible.  Thank you for being part of our journey!We have three more packages left and hope we manage to reach our fundraiser goal!Nina